Did you ever wake up wondering what would have happened if you followed your dreams and took a different direction in your career? Well, my suggestion is not to wait until the retirement age arrives. It will only be too late at that point, and living with regret is a No-Go!

If there is genuine interest in growth, then the calling should be heard. Throughout my life, for as long as I can remember, I have always had the drive to get things done. Get things done fast, get things done better than others, and grow my network. I am not speaking of connections on social media here, but an actual network of like-minded people who are driven by actions in their own domain. The people that surround you are usually the ones that will also help you achieve your goal and progress further in your journey.

Stop thinking about the “What If…?” and move into, “What Next?”. Waking up in the morning with regret will ruin your every hope of getting better every day and will be your main contributor to your crushed dreams. It is never too late to change your course so if you are thinking on embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, I recommend that you start thinking of what you want to do, and start now! The journey is long, but the thrills are high. You know what opportunities lie ahead of you.

Grab a notebook (yes a physical notebook) and a pen and start putting down your ideas.