One of the things that I wish I was told at the start of my journey is that there should be a balance between maintaining strong mental health and an equally strong physical shape. Once this balance was struck, I have managed to achieve more, get more motivation out of the efforts being put into this journey, and feel more accomplished.

Before diving deeper into the “How”, let me reiterate the “Why”. One of the main reasons why we chose this path is to improve our quality of life, make better use of our time, stop living for the weekend, enjoy our time spent being productive, and ultimately live a better life.

For those of us who are sitting behind a desk for 10 to 12 hours a day, it is easy to get caught up in a situation where the focus is given more to work than actual well-being. Mental well-being is dependent on a lot of factors. The most important here is that one remains positive, motivated, and capable of overcoming challenges that are going to be encountered along the way. If one needs that extra help, don’t be afraid to seek support from a coach, mentor, or therapist. There are qualified people who are able to help out in any situation. If you see and feel that situations become hard to handle, take action immediately and get any advice needed to overcome whatever obstacle is ahead.

Physical Health & well-being is taken foregranted far too many times.

I always live by the ethos that”Whatever Gets Measured, Gets Done”.

You will see further references to this phrase in other posts as I try to live by it as much as possible. Besides being physically active, ensuring healthy eating is quite an important part of the journey. One of the most effective programs that helped me educate myself on what to eat is Noom. Noom is an educational platform that teaches you to measure food intake. It has coaches that can assist you with every query you have, and also has a ton of educational material. These will help you answer a lot of questions that you might encounter throughout your journey. I am not providing any dietary advice here but only mentioning one platform from 100’s of others available online that has helped me overcome issues related to my physical health.

Movement is obviously important and getting a fitness tracker will help you understand your patterns better and constantly improve.