Retain Full Control of Your Online Brand Presence

Have you heard about the new social media platform?  They got Millions of users registered in the few months since it went viral!  Let’s open up a page for our hotel…

Typical of many to take the impulsive decision and open up pages on any platform that comes to mind.  At any point in time I’m sure that this has crossed all of our minds.  Heck, some of us even went to open up such pages to feel the hype and understand how this new platform works.  There is absolutely no shame in this, however one must bare in mind that opening up pages and sites on social media platforms also comes with added responsibility.

Before getting all impulsive and start up a social media page, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is this the Right Platform for my Hotel?
  2. What audience is this platform attracting?
  3. Is my product/service attractive enough for the audience of this platform?
  4. Am I or anyone in my team able to generate content on a defined period schedule to suit this new platform and add it to my TO-DO list?
  5. Am I or anyone in my time able to manage and maintain this page as well as monitor what users are saying about our product and/or service?

If any of the above gets answered with a straight and simple NO, then my suggestion is for you to open up a personal page to explore the platform and then deactivate the account.  Reason is that you should keep your efforts concentrated on what matters.

If any of the above is answered with a MAYBE, then stop and think about it.  Assess the situation properly then take the decision once all of them are clearly answered with a YES.

There is a simple reason on why I am giving this suggestion.  I always go by this rule of thumb as it is imperative that the content that I am providing is current.  If I open up a page that is then left dormant after a few posts, it is only bound to generate negative publicity and drive away traffic.  Being engaged is not about making use of social platforms just to capture audience and selling the service.  It is about keeping people interested and making them want to come back to your shop window to see what’s happening.

A few posts will follow shortly on best practices on how to manage your TripAdvisor page, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and potentially more.  The message that I want to put across here is that if a page is left unattended for a long period of time and users post anything related to your service (in both good and equally in bad) then you have no chance to substantiate the argument and either thank or try to make it right.

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